“Fit” is a small word that can mean everything to the success of a company, a division or a start-up. Of course, candidates need to have skills and capacity to execute, as well, but “Fit” matters.  “Fit” can be nebulous and sometimes is mistaken for chemistry.  Chemistry is one facet of the whole “Fit” puzzle.  Let’s give the term “Fit” some granularity, some definition, so we can measure candidates against it:

Values: Values include integrity, transparency, communication style and trust, ability to build and implement systems – it’s how people lead.

  • Do we see similarities in how we operate in business?
  • Do we share the same system of moral constructs and beliefs about how the world operates?
  • Do we share the same lens on how we see the world?

Vision: Does this person see how they will contribute to the success of the company? Can they build a roadmap to execute your vision?

  • Does this person share your vision for the future?
  • How specifically do they articulate or demonstrate that vision?
  • Do they share the same primary goal for the company?
  • Can this person align with what you need to do?

Motivation: You know what drives you, but how do you find what drives people? Find out with some of these questions.

  • What drives them to perform? Creating new technologies that improve the health of others?
  • What key accomplishments are they most proud of and what brings them satisfaction?
“Fit” has little to do with being technically adept at a role, or being a subject expert in an industry. “Fit” is about character, the difference in whether a candidate will perform in your company or not. It is the element that separates the “can do” from the “will do.”
Our search practice focuses on not only finding great talent but also on the longevity of the placement. This can only be accomplished by making sure you have the right fit for your company.