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Typical Search Outcomes

Laura works with clients to identify and select impact leaders, those that drive change and fix problems for our clients and achieve extraordinary results.

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CEO Searches:

Laura was hired to find a CEO for a very troubled company – in need of turnaround. The client had commercial success OUS, but struggled to get their product approved by the FDA.  Laura identified several strong candidates, and two turned the opportunity down, after meeting with the Board of Directors.  Laura finally located a candidate that relished the challenge and was fully qualified and accepted by the board in under 4 months’ time.

C-Suite Searches:

Another one of Laura’s client had recently launched a new product, and had achieved lackluster results and needed to hire a new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).  Within 4 weeks of search initiation, Laura had identified, vetted and presenting 4 viable candidates that met the client criteria. The client made a hire, and the candidate started 40 days after the start of the search.

Vice President Level Searches:

One client had worked with another search firm for 7 months on a Vice President Clinical Operations position, with no hire. The Board of Directors introduced Laura to the CEO of the company and a search was started.  Laura identified and sourced several candidates, and produced two finalists.  The finalists were both so strong it took some deliberation to choose one over the other. The search closed and candidate started in under 6 weeks.

Over 90% of Laura’s clients have been able to meet or exceed their business objectives with the candidates Laura identified, vetted, presented and hired.

Completed searches


  •  CEO Biotechnology
  • CEO Medical Software
  • CEO Healthcare Services
  • CEO Diagnostics
  • CEO Life Sciences Tools
  • CEO Medical Devices

Board Members/Investors

  • Corporate Venture Investor
  • Partner Venture Capital

Senior Executives

  • CFO Life Sciences Tools
  • CFO Real Estate Investor Company
  • Chief Information Officer, Consumer Electronics
  • Chief Information Officer, Diagnostics Company
  • Chief Operations Officer, Medical Devices
  • Medical Director
  • Vice President Regulatory Affairs
  • Vice President Clinical Affairs
  • General Manager – Family Fund
  • General Manager – Family Asset (Real Estate) Management


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