Executive Boards, C-Suite Officers, and Human
Resource Executives for Life Sciences Companies

Are you challenged in your search to find experienced, dedicated
and competent executives? 

You can hire the right person every time without spending all your time and energy on your search – Laura is a dedicated recruitment professional, with an exceptional track record of identifying, recruiting, and securing the right leaders for her clients. If you are like most board members, executives or human resource professionals in a healthcare business, you want to hire the right C-Suite leaders to get the best business results.

However, sometimes you don’t have enough time, or you go through your network and connections and come up empty, or the people you know are already in companies where you serve on the board or otherwise untouchable to you, then you end up not knowing where to go to find good people, or the right executive.

You want to:

  1. Get more clarity about the type of person you want to hire
  2. Develop a comprehensive search plan to guide you through the process
  3. Target the right group of people
  4. Attract the best leadership talent (you would be surprised to find what they all have in common)
  5. Hire the right person for the position
  6. Expand your pool of eligible and talented executives
  7. Find out the back-story about your candidate of choice before you hire them

This is where Laura comes in….

The right people are out there – somewhere. They’re working for your competitors, or they’re hidden somewhere else. To get these people talking to you and playing on your team, they need to be recruited.

Webster’s defines recruit as “solicit for employment.” Successful recruiting requires engagement, selection, and results.

ENGAGEMENT — “The art of meeting strangers with confidence and becoming friends, based on sharing and understanding their values.”

Laura has the confidence and integrity to approach strangers, and to earn their trust, respect and friendship. She takes the time to listen to what people say and probe to understand their values. As a result, she has the unique ability to provide her clients with access to people they otherwise would not meet; and influence the career decisions those people make.

SELECTION — Laura understands the art of search, and has a proven process developed to select the best people every time.

When you connect to Laura, you’re plugged into her extensive network, and her honed ability to connect with, understand and evaluate potential hires.  She has developed an “innerview”, an in-depth assessment that identifies the motivations, attributes and abilities of each candidate she meets.  Laura has helped hundreds of companies hire exceptional people and the right person every time.

RESULTS — Laura understands the science of search. Our closing ratio is 100%.

Most search firms complete only 60 – 75% of the projects they take on. Why is it that offers get declined? Why is search so uncertain – so expensive, so time-consuming? It doesn’t have to be that way. Laura’s recruiting method is an applied science that has been refined through two decades of in-the-trenches expertise.

Results since 1997

Laura has been working with clients since 1997 to recruit the very best people available.  Our clients are primarily on the West Coast, and we have enjoyed a solid track record of success that proves our approach works. Not only does Laura complete nearly 100% of our searches, 94% of our candidates are still working for our clients five years later.

When you get the right person, they not only perform, they excel and continue to contribute long after you hire them.  What Laura has done for others can work for you, too.

When do you call Laura?  When you absolutely, positively must hire the RIGHT Senior executive for your life sciences company.


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